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Here is my online March income report. This is my second income report so far. My goal for the month of March was to increase traffic to my blog through social media and advertising. This whole process of monetizing my blog and making money online has been an enjoyable learning experience for me. Even though, at this stage, I am no where near to making $5k a month yet, it is exciting to see what works and what is possible.Pinterest March Monthly Income Report 1 200x300 - March Income Report

In last months income report I was monetizing my blog with an ad network called Sovrn and I made $0.04 with them. This month, since I was able to increase traffic to my blog, I managed to make $0.10 with Sovrn. Its not a lot but it is good pocket change in my book. That small increase shows me that I can continue to increase that amount if I can continue driving more traffic to my blog.

With the increase in traffic to the blog I also managed to get affiliate commissions from SiteGround and Bluehost. I have a post on my blog showing step by step how to create a blog, from choosing web hosting to setting up WordPress. I also have a post comparing different web hosting providers.

The majority of traffic that the blog received came from my pinterest page. I have been hearing that Pinterest is a good source of traffic for any blog. I use a pin scheduling tool called BoardBooster for my Pinterest. It helps manage my Pinterest account by automating my pins through out the day for me. This helps with getting more followers and more traffic to the blog. BoardBooster has different monthly plans, for example, $5 a month will get you 500 automated pins a month. I chose to be aggressive and opted for $50 a month which gets me 5,000 automated pins a month.

Here is a breakdown of the money I made this month:


Gross Income – $115.10


Total Expenses – $107

Net Income: $8.10

So for my second month I made $8.10. I did not include hosting in my monthly expenses because I pay for my hosting annually. My goal for next month will be to continue increasing traffic and page views to my blog, build up my email list, and decrease my monthly expenses. I will more likely opt in for a lower monthly plan for my BoardBooster account and try to find ways to organically bring free traffic to the blog! I hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me. Stay tuned!



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