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Today I will be answering the question about how much money do you need to start Amazon FBA. I will be going over step by

Start selling on amazon fba - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?

step all of the things you will need to get started from the product cost all the way down to getting your bar code. The things we will be going over are:

  1. Cost of product
  2. Jungle Scout
  3. Amazon seller account
  4. Logo
  5. Bar code
  6. Photos
  7. Inspection

Cost Of Product

The first thing that we will go over is the cost of product. This is going to be the main thing that costs the most. The cost of the product will depend on how many units you order and the price per unit. At the start I recommend ordering 200 to 300 units just to test the market. I wouldn’t advise someone to order 500 or 1,000 units initially because the market could change and you don’t want to lose money.

Just being able to order 200 or 300 units to start is viable and if the product ends up doing extremely well you can always reorder and restock. It is a lower risk for those looking to get started and don’t have that big of a budget and at the same time don’t want to risk losing too much money.

Lets say we have 300 units and the units are $2 each to manufacture so in total that would be $600. We have to consider shipping cost. Lets say shipping is $400, the total would be $1,000. So roughly for the cost of product you would need at least $1,000. Depending on the price per unit it could be a little more expensive. If your cost per unit was $3 to manufacture and you ordered 300 units it would cost $900 not including shipping. It really depends on the product you are getting into. If you are just starting out and it is your first product then I’m assuming that you wont get into a product that is too costly and is a lower risk.

Cost of Product 1 300x161 - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?


Jungle Scout

The second thing that you will be needing is Jungle Scout. This is the best software in my opinion. There is many other software out there but this is a software that I recommend and is what I’ve used to find my products. The first thing that you will need is the Jungle Scout web app. There are two different types of Jungle Scout features, the web app and the chrome extension. The Jungle Scout web app price is $29 a month and the chrome extension is 1 payment of $97. The web app is $29 a month however you don’t have to pay monthly if you find your product in less than 30 days. Once you find your product you can cancel your membership and not have to worry about recurring payments. You can always re sign up if you decide to be looking for your 2nd or 3rd product moving forward.

The chrome extension is a 1 time fee of $97. It is a super important and useful tool. Of the 2 if I had to recommend which to go with it would be the chrome extension.

Jungle Scout Cost 300x113 - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?


Amazon Seller Account

The third thing that you need to get started is an Amazon seller account. There are 2 different pricing points when it comes to the amazon seller account. There is the individual account which is free and then the professional account which is $39.99 a month. If you have not yet incorporated your Amazon FBA business and would like to know how to, I have created a step by step guide on how to create an LLC for your Amazon FBA business. When you are starting on amazon you can open up an account for free without paying monthly however when you actually start to sell and list your product and it goes live you will need to have a professional account to access the advertising manager feature and your advertising campaigns running. You cannot do this with an individual account.

Amazon FBA seller account cost 300x104 - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?



The fourth thing you will need is a logo. For that I would recommend going on Fiverr. My logo cost about $35. Some are $35 upwards to $80.

Logo Cost Amazon FBA 300x81 - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?



The fifth thing you will need is a barcode which is also the UPC code. This is the UPC code that you will have sent to your supplier so that they can have it put onto your package and units before it gets sent out to amazon. The UPC barcode will cost $5.

Barcode cost Amazon FBA 300x75 - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?



Cost of photos are optional. There are 2 ways you can get photos done. You can hire someone to get your photos done or you can have your suppliers give you professional photos they have already taken of the product. Photos on Fiverr can go anywhere from $35 to $55+.

Hire An Inspection Company

The seventh thing that is optional is hiring an inspection company. What they will do is go to your suppliers warehouse and they will inspect all of your products for you before they get shipped out. They will do a full report on potential damages on the product and the quality on the product. They make sure everything is good to go. This is important if you feel a little skeptical about the supplier or maybe you feel the quality might not be up to par. Cost of hiring an inspection can range from $100 to $300.

Total Cost

Now lets look at the total cost without the optional things such as the photos and inspection.

Amazon FBA Cost - How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?

All together it comes out to about $1,205.99. Having at least $1,300 I would say is a safe place to start when considering starting Amazon FBA. It could be higher and it could be lower it really depends on the product you are getting into. Hope that this post helps you guys out. If you guys have any questions at all drop me a comment below. Also if you haven’t yet already subscribed to my email list make sure to do so!

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