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Here is my online April income report. This is my third income report. This month was a bit rough. I wanted to cut back on advertising and see if I could generate more organic traffic to the blog. I started reading and watching videos on YouTube about SEO and started putting the things I learned to use on this blog. From my understanding results from doing SEO do not happen overnight but overtime you start to notice an increase in organic traffic.

In last months income report I was monetizing my blog with an ad network called Sovrn and I made $0.10 with them. This month I was able to increase that to $0.18 with Sovrn.

The majority of traffic I received in April came from my pinterest page and my use of the pin scheduling tool called BoardBooster. I cut back on the expense of my monthly subscription with BoardBooster from $50 to $25 a month. Even though I was able to get some traffic to the blog I was unable to get any commission sales leaving me in the negative for this month.

Here is a breakdown of the money I made this month:


Gross Income – $0.18


Total Expenses – $25

Net Income: $-24.82



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